Smart Content

In today’s fast-paced market, relevant and quality content is crucial.

80% of the buyer’s journey is done online and the average human attention span is only 6 seconds. These challenges mean it’s imperative for your content to stand out against a heavily saturated market.

Our solution at IDC is Interactive Content.

What is Smart Content?

Smart Content is content that creates a custom and personalized experience requiring user engagement.

Engagement happens when you:

  • Effectively translate data into actionable insights
  • Deliver relevant content to each individual at the right time and in the right place, at scale
  • Choose the best assets to use to target individuals across segments
  • Work cross-functionally to unite all customer-facing teams around customer experience

91% of B2B buyers prefer to consume interactive and visual content.

What are the benefits of elevating customer experience through interactive content?
  • Creates a two-way dialogue
  • Encourages the customers’ active engagement 
  • Customer receives real-time, hyper-relevant results they care about
  • Gathers customer intelligence for targeted follow on conversations
The IDC Smart Content Process and Approach

In the initial stages, IDC and the client determine the strategic measurement objectives, the content objectives and devise the development of the output.

The content phase involves:

  1. Discussing key messaging and content
  2. Developing tool questions and output report structure
  3. Incorporating feedback and finalize content

The tool development phase involves:

  1. Creating Wireframes and a User Interactive Prototype
  2. Alpha Development
  3. Beta Development with all features implemented
  4. Pre-Production – Final User Acceptance Testing
  5. Production and Release

How does IDC’s Smart Content integrate into Digital Marketing Campaigns?


An IDC-branded multimedia browser-based tool that delivers the content of an IDC paper in easily consumable topics illustrated with compelling graphics that includes 5 tabs of content, with a 2-3-minute intro video.   It comes with Google Analytics set up for tracking and optimizing your IDC assets, and can be integrated with your marketing automation software for gated assets and lead generation.

Lead-Gen Marketing Tool

A Web-based, customer-facing, self-service quick assessment tool based on IDC research that ties in the customer solution benefits through an interactive experience.  5-8 assessment questions are included with the option of including a video. User experience concludes with a personalized report (2-3-page summary) emailed to prospect upon registration. Results in an interactive asset & experience that generates real time leads.

Business Value Snapshot Tool

Your buyers are provided a Business Value ROI assessment for investing with your solution in a Web-based, customer-facing, self-service Business Value/ROI calculator format. Based on IDC business value research that ties in the customer solution benefits through an interactive experience. Up to 5 assessment questions are included. User experience concludes with a personalized Business Value Snapshot report (1-page summary) emailed to prospect upon registration. Results in an interactive asset and experience that generates real-time leads.  

Interactive Selling Tool

One to one engagement between sales/partners and buyers.  A highly customized persona-based assessment that brings only the most relevant information for a stakeholder and buyer discussion. The tools are designed to complement your sales workflow with a 20-40 question assessment based on IDC research in an interactive environment. The highly customized report ties the IDC analysis results to client specific solutions and offers, presenting only the relevant content for that engagement. The assessment contains calculators that provide real-time benefits and savings, tying your solutions to buyer challenges and requirements. The resulting report is a detailed business case including business benefits, savings, and outcomes for the buyer.  

Why Choose IDC?

Since 1964, IDC has been the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets.

IDC can help you:

  • Enhance your business Thought Leadership Profile and re-define client dialogue
  • Introduce new Thought Leadership dialogue with custom sponsored research
  • Elevate your brand profile


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